Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

When a data disaster strikes, are you prepared?

For a business, its data is everything. Any loss of data and information can be detrimental to your revenues, profits, and reputation. At some point, all hard drives will eventually fail. Taking preventive measures to stay ahead of any data loss is the best thing you can do for your business. When you stand to lose valuable customer information and company data, you need a professional data recovery team in your corner.

We provide cost-effective cloud storage options that are secure and provide easy retrieval and access to your data instantaneously. Data security is extremely important to us; our solution encrypts all backup data at the client-side and then securely transfers it to our datacenter.
Your data stays encrypted in our cloud and is always available for download. As an added security measure, recovered data can only be decrypted on-premise at the client-side.

With Revolech's Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions you get:

Peace of mind that your data is always safe: Rest assured that your valuable data is automatically backed up and managed to a secure offsite data center.
Powerful Replication: Seamlessly advanced replication powered by MSP360 and StorageCraft.
Fast and Flexible: A fast and secure backup and recovery for all your data and applications on-site or in the cloud.
Thoroughly Tested: Regular testing of disaster recovery scenarios to eliminate potential problems before they become real problems.

Disasters happen more frequently than you think. Hardware failures, loss of power, data corruption, software malfunction, external security breaches, internal user accidents, and not to mention natural disasters all can significantly impact your organization. Partnering with Revolech to put in place a strategic backup and disaster recovery plan can save you from losing valuable client data and information.

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