About Us

Passionate about all things tech-related

Committed To IT Excellence

We are the IT geeks who tinkered with tech our whole lives. Cracking puzzles is our passion & simplifying your life is what we do. When we say we are committed to IT excellence, we mean we are driven to solving complex problems with simple solutions. That is the Revolech way and we are proud of it.

Our Story

The Revolech story was founded on an idea that began with three very dynamic friends at the kitchen dining table. Like most good ideas, Revolech was born while enjoying a delicious meal. Ever since day one, the founding Revolech team has dedicated their lives to using their knowledge and a dedicated passion for technology towards helping organizations everywhere transform, scale, and grow their business to the next level.

Many modern businesses haven’t realized how by leveraging technology, you can completely transform your process to enhance productivity, efficiency, and revenue. With over 20 years of cumulative experience and a knack for solving complex IT problems, Revolech will show you how you can utilize technology to your advantage. Together, let’s do something great and change the world.

The Philosophy Behind It All

What keeps the Revolech team so dedicated to the customer experience? The philosophy behind it all sits on a foundation of a few core values that ensure we get it right. Our philosophy of personal involvement & dedication gives us a unique approach that guarantees success. By assigning a dedicated account manager to every client's project, we ensure that your exact needs are met. Through combining a personal touch of attention to every project and an unrelenting drive for success, we go the extra mile to understand your needs and create lasting results.

Our Mission

At Revolech, our aim is to help solve complex IT problems with simple cost-effective solutions. By performing a full research & discovery phase, we provide incredibly cost-effective solutions to maximize results and minimize costs.

Core Values

Let’s get started on making your goals a reality.