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Blurb Nights A/N: Due to trouble with links, the link About this Blog The Origin Hello people of Tumblr! I’m Clare, the owner of the blog. occassional fan fic author (marvel, 2k16 ghostbusters, harry potter + b99) and full time shitposter . Hiiii can I get a lotr and twilight ship ? I’m 5’2 with wavy dyed black hair and grey eyes. this post is tagged as multiple-words.

Weird Cravings. Warnings: Sex, threesome, watching, masterbation Dylan smiled when he opened the front door to find you stood in front of him, it had taken him weeks to convince both you and Norma that you should work at the hotel and live at the house with them but finally, you gave in. if you have pressing additions to it, totally let me know! some of these things may be a little ‘woo-woo frou-frou’ but, generally, it’s in the ‘may as well try’ camp.

Creepypasta - Their S/O Being Mute. “Mornin’ handsome. Creepypasta - Having a Short S/O.

however like i said before I only ever watched the movies, so sorry if this is ooc for the character. Dirty Imagine ~ Zayn . You played what happened moments ago in your mind.

Submit your imagines in the ask box or the submit box, more It harry potter falling twilight riverdale teen wolf mavel x men avengers dc 13 reasons why vikings black panther preferences fandom x masterlist fp jones fred Masterlist I’m going to try and keep this list as updated as possible. Blow job 4. You wanted to have fun and prove your brother you can do whatever you want and now that’s what exactly what you are going to do.

Sam Uley {} You were going down to visit your cousins, Leah and Seth. Imagine: You are the twin sister of Renessmee Cullen. So I decided to mash things up a little.

If You go to the party ,you can be ‘cool’ . If I had a dollar for every time there was a technical problem on Wattpad, I could probably afford to fix the all goddamn technical problems on Wattpad Hi! My name is Cassie and I created this blog because I love writing and I love sharing my writing with others. 2104 words.

I write for the fandoms below •Harry Potter •Vampire Diaries •Glee •Marvel •DC •Parks & Rec •The Office •Supernatural •X-Men •Doctor Harry:@y/u/n, @Harry_Styles there is a storm outside and you know how much I hate them. Through no fault of her own, she can’t arouse his interest enough to conceive a child. Dirty Imagines Masterlist.

Matt Donovan. Imagine moving to La Push and becoming good friends with the pack. Rose Garden.

I would like to ask you a question do you know how to put a blog in another profile? if that makes sense. 1 - (Klaus Mikaelson x reader) His little paradise. Bitten by the Lonely : Part 1 , Part 2.

Stephanie Meyer, you all know who she is, and I’m only mildly ashamed to admit I enjoyed the Twilight books. Nightmares. -- Mobile Users - Links Page -- THIS BLOG IS CLOSED! This blog is devoted to unleashing all of your naughty fantasies surrounding Teen Wolf.

Riverdale Imagines. previous part. Insecure Anon request- Hi! Can you write Draco Malfoy x reader story, where the reader would always be unsure about the way she looks etc.

Lucien Castle. Requested By Anon. GIF Imagines “ American Horror Story* Arrow Back to the Future Buffy the Vampire Slayer* Descendants* Divergent Ferris Bueller’s Day Wolves in relationships Headcanon (smut) S E T H C L E A R W A T E R.

Twilight Preferences: You Get Hurt And They Worry About You Edward Cullen: “Are you okay? What happened?” Edward asked frantically. this is an update of an older post from an old tumblr. Originally posted by madqirl [** favorite] [ T trigger ] [ 曆 reader favorites ] Shawn Mendes: Ongoing Preferences; College/Frat!Shawn AU: Books and Prince Charming's - Shawn meets (Y/N), a student working as a librarian in the university.

How he fingers you 2. S= smut or mature content. anonymous asked:.

Stuck With Him. I overthink and over worry. Theo Masterlist *Indicates a fandom I'm comfortable doing ships for.

Please leave requests and I will do my utmost best to write them all! I'll cover any character you want, but I think I'll start with Edward, MASTERLIST Links to every imagine I have written - this is an 18+ blog I am also on Wattpad - baseballbitch116 - all of this content can be found there as well * = Sexual content [[MORE]]The Walking twilight the twilight saga masterlist edward cullen bella swan jacob black twilight imagine twilight preferences twilight x reader more about Twilight. Best Night of Your Life. Bucky Barnes (Marvel)Small World “Artwork” - Masterlist Real Doctors Don’t Have riverdale-imagines.

I write mostly about The Vampire Diaries. It was one of those rare nights when Aunt May was out and you and Peter had the place to yourselves. prompt list.

How’d you sleep?” An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works I guess you could tell that some of the preferences are based off of tv shoes or movies (Ash-Tate-AHS, Cal-TeenWolf) I admit, I wasn’t even sure what to make Luke but then Supernatural came to mind and I just…. Fake Text Carlisle freaks out when the reader is injured on her way to the Hospital Requested by: ~Admin Bree this post is tagged as multiple-words. Golden Eyes (Edward Cullen x Reader) Prompt: “reader goes to the forks Highschool and Edward falls for her but doesn’t know she’s an half vampire? Also the reader and Carlisle know each other forever” Hey, I read your post about you adding twilight to your list and I think that's awesome! I'm not the biggest fan but I think it's a good series.

word count: 672. The Chronicles of Narnia. I might refuse things that I am not confortable writing about (self harm, suicide, rape…) or that just don’t inspire me.

This was one of the very first book fandoms I was in. This blog has no Infinity War spoilers! MASTERLIST RULES REQUESTS Headcannons:[OPEN] One-Shots:[OPEN] Preferences:[OPEN] Please request in the "Message Box" Hi! My name is Cassie and I created this blog because I love writing and I love sharing my writing with others. If there isn’t anything in the tag pages, please don’t panic! The link isn’t broken, there just isn’t anything for that character(s) at Of course you can! We really love when people write drabbles for our imagines! We only accept links for submissions, so if you’ve written a drabble, please either post it on your own tumblr or on an external website that we can post a link to (Suggestions for external sites include AO3, Fanfiction.

Requests for preferences and imagines are currently closed. Okay. The twilight sky making it harder to see, he decided to just stay on spot.

Preference Masterlist - Preference Masterlist The following preferences are all 4/4, and are in chronological order of me writing them. Convincing You To Stay In. So I’m accepting ship requests! Remember the rules: 1) One fandom per ship request.

Welcome to the pack Hey! Can I get shipped w/ someone from TW? Well I'm a 5'1 girl w/ really long dark chestnut hair, I am constantly wearing turtle necks cause according to my friends, I need to hide my abnormally big muscles😂 I am pretty strong & boxing is kind of my safe place. Demon!Luke :D So this series will be a little short, and I hope you guys like it. Kai Parker.

Request: omigosh i was living for your jasper x reader angsty fic and i was wondering if you’d do a similar one but for edward instead? so like the reader is human and she’s had this crush on edward for ages but she gets hurt when she sees his attachment to bella? Against his preferences, Draco’s parents have forced him to marry Astoria Greengrass. The wolves of the Twilight Saga . Originally posted by dutchfruitjar.

To do listImagines • Jacob black x reader Headcanons • Dating him would include (Michael Gray) • Having an argument (Thomas Shelby) • Dating him would include (Philip Pearson) Preferences none I mainly do these fandoms and if requested twilight but i can do others i do imagines smut and preferences. thunderstorm second chance for the antichrist second chance for the antichrist pt. This is a preference series.

Dylan Massett X Fem!Reader x Norman Bates. Falling In Love With You. You Didn’t Run Away.

Eyeless Jack’s S/O sees him without his mask for the first time. First Christmas. Thanks for visiting Imagines of the Universe! I'm Sam and I accept just about anything EXCEPT smut.

My ask box is always open for a request if there’s something you would like to see. She loved Draco with all of her heart, but she had to break it off with him because he had cheated on her with Pansy Parkinson. This isn’t your typical Twilight saga with vampires that fall in love with humans.

I’ve seen some blogs out there who do, so if you search something that relates to it, then I’m sure they’ll do that for you. a/n: again, sorry this is so late! i had it done last week but never got around to posting it, but i hope you guys enjoy it anyway can i ask for how jacob, paul, embry, and quil would react if their best friend/imprint gets a serious sport injury that could end their high school career? whether its a self inflicted injury (ie: overuse) or inflicted from someone else (like if the reader is in a full-contact sport) can be up to you. comfort eye shadow not your fault morning dances michael langdon x short!reader headcannons.

What they’re like during sex 3. The second you get home, you pass out on the couch. Hey guys this was requested by loltwilighthorse and it is a reaction.

G-Dragon - 172 Peter Parker Dating A Fangirl Would Include… - Warning: Major spoilers for some fandoms ahead. # twilight # twilight moodboard # moodboard # bella swan moodboard luckylina liked this isabellathedreamer liked this Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series. • It wasn’t the most romantic encounter, but as soon as he saw you he was captivated.

Heyyyy guys, In this book I will be doing things such as: Preferences Imagines 7 minutes in heaven Etc The characters that I am using are: Jacob Edward Jasper Emmett Jared Paul Embry Im bored and I dont know im sorta beginning to like twilight masterlist cullens miscellaneous • youngest human sister HC • youngest vampire sister HC paul lahote wolf pack preferences • finding out imprint is a kitsune • male scent [a friend] on their ⤀ imagines / preferences / would include ⤀ drabbles ⤀ moodboard / aesthetic . Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. He sat down on the snowy ground by his thinking tree and looked up, seeing some stars between the naked branches of the trees.

You curl up with a blanket and fall asleep. You had a long day at work, and being pregnant was not helping. Sweet - Shawn and y/n are university friends, but they both secretly want to be more than that.

This blog is dedicated to Death Note Imagines and headcannons and the like Requests: Open # twilight # twilight imagine # twilight preference # carlisle cullen # carlisle cullen imagine # edward cullen # edward cullen imagine # Emmett Cullen # emmett cullen imagine # jasper hale # jasper hale imagine # preference # preferences # imaginingyourfandom Masterlist You can click a show and all of that shows imagines will pop up, if you don’t see any imagines for a character/show you like, feel free to request imagines! What you can request for any fandom/character: teen wolf smut teen wolf dirty teen wolf smut preferences teen wolf smut imagine smut imagine smut preferences aiden smut derek hale smut cora hale smut peter hale smut scott mccall smut stiles stilinski smut isaac lahey smut masterlist craving-for-werewolves ‘Till then, here’s my masterlist! Text Imagines. . Shawn spills (Y/N)’s coffee during her way home from work.

i have an entire book of supernatural preferences on wattpad so if u want to read them message me and i’ll give you my wattpad username to check it out and request. Liam Dunbar. Peter was looking at a list of school clubs pinned up on the news board and you just.

Edmund Pevensie. While in his human form, his hair is kept in a mildly short, spiky cut, with spiky strands covering his forehead, and other, longer ones jutting upwards from the top of his head. Originally posted by pun-is-her.

twilight imagines twilight preferences twilight Twilight New Moon twilight eclipse Twilight Breaking Dawn twilight vampires twilight wolf pack Feb 07, 2017 ssamantha-cheyenne-warren liked this I personaly love preferences and haven't seen many for Twilight. Where would each of the Outsiders have semi-public sex with their When he found you be decided that it was probably best to take out the guys that were her and run, so he changed to his coyote form and then did just, you felt like you were in the Twilight movie as he jumped over you attacking the guy that was trying to grab you. I can be sassy when I'm pissed.

Imagine You and Me. Imagine being the daughter of Magneto and Jean Grey, but dating Loki. usually he calls you by your shortened version of your name but if you are hurt,he would call you kitten,sometimes very rarely you would be sweetheart.

Edward x Reader. Originally posted by hiddleston-daily welcome. You two were friends in school but hadn’t seen each other since she moved to Forks with her dad.

Smoke and Fire Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. Requested by @thornnb!Thanks for the fun idea and being patient with me and my slow getting things done life style. I wear glasses.

He looked at him self self conciously, making the group laugh. 11 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Parte 1 - … The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Parte 1 è un film del 2011 diretto da Bill Condon. REQUEST ARE OPEN (smut is allowed) {OC Twilight Story is under #dammntwilightbook (Chapters:3) Story is also on wattpad under same title} Hey :) can I get a teen wolf and x-men ship pls? I'm a straight female, ENFP,5'5 with long black hair and dark brown eyes,tan skin.

You have been warned. There was no way Klaus will allow you to leave the compound again without protection. I'm emotionally sensitive,I'm protective of the people I love.

You knew nothing about Klaus, for you he MASTERLIST BELLAMY BLAKE FANFICTION {ΔΑRKNEΣΣ} SEASON 1 Pilot (part1, part2, bonus chapter) Earth Skills (part1 , part2, part3, bonus chapter) Earth Kills ( part 1, part 2) Murphy’s Law’( part 1, part Imagine being the daughter of Magneto and Jean Grey, but dating Loki. He wanted to keep you out of danger but you managed to get hurt when Hey guys I am back I know I haven’t uploaded in like years but I have focused on the second book of my Twilight Wolf Pack Preferences on Wattpad and with the finals I had barely any time to upload but I am back. Permanent Hiatus Masterlist *=NSFW (individual pieces will have warnings) Last updated idk I forgot to update the date Newest at the top.

Wishlist Masterlist Ever wanted to see what other members are seeking? Wanted to list things you're looking for? Wanted members of staff to know what you're hoping to get when it comes to Radiant APs and gifts? Well now's your chance! This is the Whistler Crest Wishlist Masterlist, and it is the place to link your personal wishlist! Q. At the end of the novella, the pack mistake the Cullen coven for killing Beau Swan and decide to drive them out of town. Twilight Mobile Masterlist Edward: You are tired.

i don’t think self-massage and an oatmeal face mask will cure your anxiety, but it will give you something to focus on and might feel pretty good in the meantime. Oneshots - Eyeless Jack x Reader - Insecure. masterlist.

Twilight Preferences Fanfiction. Master Post This is my Master Post! There are links for all my imagines by show and character, with the preferences and click and drag games at the bottom of each! Grayson walked around the backyard, crossing the small frozen river and walking into the forest he knew all too well. After a offer to buy a new coffee, the two can’t seem to want to be away from each other, and soon, the rest falls to history.

And an unconscious heretic lacks just that. Runaway with Me. I’m so happy you decided to check it out! I created this blog for several reasons.

Please and thank you! Missed Opportunity . How you kiss - Teen wolf preference (Gif) Stiles Brett Jackson Liam Aiden Derek Scott Isaac Parrish La Push Pack This is a blog all about Alex Meraz, Booboo Stewart, Bronson Pelltier, Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones, Kiowa Gordon, Taylor Lautner, Tyson Houseman. That seems like something he would do.

"Zayn," you mumble softly, quickly covering your cut with a paper towel and stopping the bleeding. :) Imagines Together Series - Brett (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) Pushing - Brett Back To You - Isaac Written In The Trees - First story with this cutie! Jasper is my favorite character in the twilight series…. Prompt: Can I request a dean/femreader where the omega!reader is in heat and Sam and Cas are out but alpha!dean can smell it and he goes crazy and he takes her and screws her on the library table, but they get knotted and the reader guides him through it.

this post is blacklisted because it contains multiple-words and is not fully visible on the index page. *Imagine Requests + One Shot Prompts Open!* About me Masterlist FAQ Requests so far Every secret (and not so secret) agency wanted (Y/N), an assassin code-named Reaper . Imagine you and Emily pranking the pack.

1. I was wondering if you could do a "dating would include" thing with Jacob Black. TEEN WOLF.

Emmett Cullen - Lustful "Emmett, why are you so big?" I asked, staring at him. He would be a little harder to rouse, but once he feels what you are doing to him, prepare for a little bit of a rougher ride. Album Autem Veritatis et Amoris.

Toby’s S/O comforts him after a nightmare of the accident. Dear Fellow Bundles of Sunshine, Here is the master list! If you just click on the fandom that you’re looking for, it should take you to a private master list for that specific fandom. Come home soon, I miss you :(@Harry_Styles, @y/u/n awe it’ll be okay baby, and I’ll be home before you know it.

| Mobile Links / disclaimer Twilight Saga Imagines Just a girl who loves Twilight and writing. It had been a long run, a long day and all Creeper wanted was to get home. What are interactive fics? Basically, just regular reader-insert fics, but at the beginning, you submit your name (and any other info required for the fic, if applicable) and the fic updates itself so instead of reading Y/N, you read your own chosen name.

I have to warn you, the preferences are quite chunky. Harry. Just check out the FAQ and request away! Mobile Masterlist About me Masterlist FAQ Requests so far “You look absolutely stunning today, (Y/N)”, Francis said suddenly, his british accent smooth and pleasant to your ears.

If you do could you please write one for Paul were he takes the reader’s virginity . A human destined to hate vampires and protect the real world from them by compromising with the blood sucking species. poisoned apples ~ peaky blinders ~ john shelby #alina answers #vampiric-daydreams #carlisle cullen #carlisle x reader #twilight #new moon #eclipse #breaking dawn #asked and answered #twilight headcanon #twilight headcanons #twilight preferences #twilight imagines #cullen imagines #reader imagines #carlisle imagines #carlisle preferences #twilight fanfiction #twilight fanfic #preferences # Patrick-Hockstutter’s Masterlist Fics: Follow My Lead (NSFW) Cigarettes After Sex Try to Remember (NSFW) Marked As His Part 1 / Part 2 (Part 2 NSFW) A Little Less Worse Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (Part #2 Twilight bsm preference : you sneak out to a party.

Secret Relationship. This is what you are for Klaus, perhaps the only thing that kept him a little bit human. Well it is, but there is a twist in this story of yours.

You kicked a stone away . It had the same appeal to me as Junie B Jones, with the wit and general sass that was more appropriate for a more mature audience. embry call | imprinting [2] embry call.

Elijah Mikaelson. He loved how his old lady made their house a home and to go back to her, see her smile when she ran into his arm Twilight bsm preference ★ what he calls you : Sam:. Months later, a mind-healer finds the problem and much to the dismay of the Malfoys, there was only one way to continue the family line and it hinged on Harry Potter.

Death Note Imagines. As soon as you are done, you quietly slip back under the duvet, and grab the book that was lying next to you (just happening to be your twelfth round of reading The Twilight Saga). [ Preference and pictures ] [ Jake, Paul, Embry, Seth, Jasper, Emmett, Alec, Rosalie, Edward, Leah, and Jared] [First set of Twilight preferences that included any of the girls] back ask dash credit ask dash credit Virginity .

È la prima parte del quarto film tratto dalla serie di Twilight ed è uscito nelle sale italiane il 16 novembre 2011 e negli Stati Uniti il 18 novembre. I'm an ambivert. "Here to make you smile" Imagine, preference, drabbles, moodboard, headcanon requests: CLOSED Make sure to check out the FAQ MASTERLISTS: Moodboards, Imagines/Preferences, Drabbles, Headcanons Reaction at you giving him a morning blowjob.

This blog was created to help keep the Twilight fandom alive, and to encourage even more creativity and love within the fandom! The Twilight fandom has always been one that has inspired many people to not only expand their creativity past the book world, but to also put their own thoughts to paper and share their interpretation. Overprotective Siblings. It's stated in the books that when your a vampire everything stops meaning the girl vamps wouldn't get there period and everything in the men vamps stop as well so my question is while yes Vella could get pregnant because she was a human how could Edward get her pregnant if his sperm was supposed to have stopped as well Hey Guys! acrossthepondimagines: “ This is a new Imagines Blog.

You have a bit of twin mind speak, but you learned to shut her out of your Hey guys I am back I know I haven’t uploaded in like years but I have focused on the second book of my Twilight Wolf Pack Preferences on Wattpad and with the finals I had barely any time to upload but I am back. Someday, I’ll See You Again: Part 1, Part 2. Masterlist Masterlist Vampires CULLEN’S Jasper “ I Want Your Time Defend Yourself Blood Singer Cuddling Goofing Around Surprise! Saving Water Compete For Attention ” Emmett “ Secretly Dating Paul In Love With - Working really hard to convince him to watch them in the first place, rambling for hours about how much you really want to watch it with him - Him finally caving in, no matter how unnecessarily violent he thinks they are, because this is something his mate wants to do and he wants to make you happy Twilight Preferences Fanfiction.

Originally posted by hiddleston-daily Preference Masterlist One-shots:Open Imagines: Open Preferences:Open Gif Imagines:Open jacob imagine jacob jacob black imagine jacob black twilight twilight Masterlist *=NSFW (individual pieces will have warnings) Last updated idk I forgot to update the date Newest at the top. - Gifs are not mine- MASTERLIST “Gosh, that was…” Y/N : “Sorry do I kiss bad?” “What! No! You kiss really good” Request: Can u write about the reader and stiles having their first kiss please? Masterlist. Bucky Barnes (Marvel)Small World “Artwork” - Masterlist Real Doctors Don’t Have Masterlist of Imagines Here is my masterlist of imagines! It is in alphabetical order by name.

net, Wattpad, and FictionPad). "Zayn, what the hell? I feel like Bella from Twilight when she gets cut and the Cullens allwait," you slowly back away as realization sinks in. You were an Alchemist.

Footsteps. Grew To Love Each Other. Your first day with Harry was very simple.

Loke is a young man of average height, distinguished by his delicate facial features and his orange hair. About an hour into your reading, Niall starts to stir. Ticci Toby x Reader - Night Terrors.

OLDMobile Masterlist - OLDMobile Masterlist To see the new and updated masterlist, please click on the navigation link in my bio, I will no longer be updating this one. pls don't repost any of these imagine/preferences elsewhere (wattpad, quotev etc) Working Woman, Singing Man (Shawn X Reader) Preferences/Scenarios Fics. Hello guys nice to see you again!!! I got a new request from Anonymous.

Dirty Imagine ~ Liam. Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum! TOP 10 IDOLS WITH MOST COPYRIGHTED SONGS as of 05/05/2019 1. Can a figure from his past heal his body and soul? Is there enough of Paul left to try? I own nothing but the plot-bunny gifted by a friend.

Multi-fandom. Loke's Fairy Tail stamp. When they see Beau as a vampire, they then believe that the riverdale-imagines.

the link takes you to the permalink page. It was her thoughts that Edward heard, she always thought over you. Kol Mikaelson.

I'm a sucker for preferences, and a fan of Twilight. And one day some girl would insult the reader and she would jazz, 17, uk. The pack is changed to female dominant, led by Samantha Uley and followed by two others (one of them named Paula Lahote).

I started in Harry Potter, and since then, I’ve written for The Covenant, Law and Order: SVU, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Youtube, 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, the Twilight universe, the MCU, and WWE. Originally posted by dailyvideogames. warnings: smut kinda .

I don't own any gifs that I use • Face From The Past • Masterlist • Masterlist (Part 2) • Masterlist (Part 3) • Masterlist 2 • Masterlist 2 (Part 2) • Masterlist 2 (Part 4) • Masterlist 2 (Part 5) • Masterlist 2 (Part 6) • Masterlist 2 (Part 7) • Preferences • Sheep Among Wolves Masterlist • Stolen Innocence Masterlist twilight-fandom reblogged this from unitefandomsoftheworld teenwolfbangger liked this genesisneal12 liked this Although that is a very detailed and well thought out trope, I don’t write for Twilight. “G'morning beautiful,” he says, his voice thick with sleep. 28/12/2015 UPDATED: 07/02/16Dirty Preferences: 1.

Imagines Masterlist The Vampire Diaries/The Originals. bvbkali11 said: Do you have a master list for all of the visual Answer: THIS is a Masterlist of everything but if you go to the ‘Preferences’ section, I indicated which ones are visuals :) xx twilight-fandom reblogged this from FAQ/About Me One Shots Gif Imagines Preferences Demons: Eric Upcoming Work Requesting Info Head Canons Mobile Masterlist I have a question. Bucky Barnes (Marvel)Small World “Artwork” - Masterlist Real Doctors Don’t Have The wolves and relationships Headcanon (smut) P A U L L A H O T E [[MORE]]•when you first meet you think he’s a dick •he drops you a line in a bar •not even a good one •’I’ve lost my number, can I Masterlist C H A R A C T E R S Gally: “ Short-Tempered Jealousy ” Newt: “ Dance With Me Keep You Safe Shuck It Our Little Secret The Secret is Out ” P A I R I N G S Thomesa: “ Pregnant ” C A S Let him go part.

I hope you enjoy! My MASTERLIST will link you to the other parts/chapters :) After Klaus broke Kai’s neck, you proceeded with transferring his unconscious body to his hotel room with the help of Elijah driving you there. Imagines. Riverdale masterlist coming soon.

Anyways I hope you liked the story if you did it would mean a lot if you liked or reblogged this post. Popular girls invited you. Twilight: Oneshots - quileuteima:.

Preferences - Creepypasta - How You Met. - Yo. Depending on his age, this will dictate how he’ll react to the news of your pregnancy; his younger self might be a bit of an ass initially, since he struggles to keep his ego in check, before slowly warming up to the idea of being a Dad - queue an over-the-top reveal to the press that you’re expecting which the paparazzi would be all over Request: What about #42 Did you just lick me? With Creeper.

Masterlist Marvel x Thor Loki Pietro Maximoff Wanda Maximoff Bruce Banner/The Hulk Natasha Romanoff Steve Rodgers/Captain America Tony Stark/Iron Man Clint Barton Maria Hill Nick Fury Jarvis Bucky fandom-hoe101 reblogged this from twilight-imagine fandom-hoe101 liked this howdoifunction liked this Preference: How They Met You (Twilight) Bella: Bella knew you from Phoenix. How does it work? masterlist I write for *** - fav, - angst, - fluff, - series ~ american horror story ~ michael langdon . Enjoy! “Aiden” • My Hero “Allison” • Out of Time (coming soon, read the prompt here!) REQUESTS ARE OPEN ⤀ one shots ⤀ imagines / preferences / would include ⤀ drabbles ⤀ moodboard / aesthetic .

(Y/n)’s feet felt like led as she walked up the stairs to meet her soon to be ex boyfriend Draco Malfoy. It harry potter falling twilight riverdale teen wolf mavel x men avengers dc 13 reasons why vikings black panther preferences requested: hey, can you do a imagine that’s peter and y/n first time like the first time of bella and edward in twilight breaking dawn, because Peter have the super strength because of the powers. Send me prompts and I’ll write you ficlets! Any fandom, Camp Camp, Umbrella Academy, Marvel, Sally Face, Sanders Sides, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Septic-Egos, Markiplier Egos, Hell, even Dan and Phil, though I haven’t written any phan since my early wattpad days! #Masterlist • IMAGINES Teen Wolf • Liam Dunbar - Break Up - Date - Impress - Allison’s Sister - Dying -Stiles’ Twin • Stiles Stilinski - Investigation - Blind Threats - Twitchy Friend - Scott • Scott Masterlist.

Originally posted by spaxeheater •realtalk im trying to keep this gender neutral because I have some strong emotions toward the sexuality of some of the pack (cough Leah is a lesbian cough) but I feel Seth is a strong pansexual, like has he ever given you the vibe that the gender of his imprint would bother him? “I think she has your beauty my love” Because sometimes after a long day all we want is a bit of escape, dream our life differently. Obsessed with the MCU and still happily stuck in the Twilight fandom. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You can request Imagines, Headcanons, Preferences Imagines Masterlist Calum:Cuddles (Mute!Calum) | Part 2 Your new roommate, Calum, is a more complex than you’d first assumed Dance? Your best friend, Calum, gets jealous after seeing you dancing with Dating Demetri Volturi would include • You both meet on the battlefield in Breaking Dawn Part 2. If you ask for multiple fandoms I will only do it for one of them. I’m a Pisces, I’m a dreamer and I’m also very empathic and even if I’m not a confident person I always try to be outspoken and to stand up for what I think is right.

You raised your head and looked at the man mouth open. Preference 34: First Date. A Paul (Lost Boys)/OC AU post-movie fix-it Paul is left for dead after the showdown at the Emerson house.

Hallo I was wondering if you do smut . Heyyyy guys, In this book I will be doing things such as: Preferences Imagines 7 minutes in heaven Etc The characters that I am using are: Jacob Edward Jasper Emmett Jared Paul Embry Im bored and I dont know im sorta beginning to like How/ when s/he imprinted on you Also, the GIFs don't have anything to do with the imprinting scenes I just thought they were cute. jack mercer (four brothers) chris beck (the martian) eric (divergent) napoleon solo (man from UNCLE) illya kuryakin (man from UNCLE) tomm cummings (xcompany) 5sos smut masterlist Full masterlist CALUM HOODThigh High Calum’s distracted by baseball so you decide to take matters into your own hands Promises Calum offers to eat out Y/N for the first time and I write imagines / preferences about the characters from Teen Wolf.

23 year old college student who writes when she can. Dirty Imagine ~ Niall (Visuals) Dirty Imagine ~ Zayn (Visuals) Dirty Imagine ~ Zayn (Visuals) I’ve been writing fanfiction on and off since I was about 12. Masterlist One Direction Preferences - He walks in on you changing Cute couple moment First date outfit Cuddles Niall - How you meet Dating Niall would include You’re staring: blurb Soccer Star Let It Johnny Cage.

Please check the rules before requesting. Partying on New Year’s Random Fandom Imagines Imagines of all shapes, sizes and fandoms' will be posted based on my mood and your request. Katherine Pierce.

Preferences Masterlist (2016) An Imagines Blog that Creates For You (Check the Request List!) Twilight: Jacob Black; I write angst, fluff, smut, AU, Soulmates etc. Sam: He can’t just say no. Thank you also love your blog keep on doing the good work!! Masterlist (UPDATED AS OF 3/9/2016) These are all the characters I have written for at the moment Nomads: Alistair Garrett Charlotte Riley Cullen’s: Alice Cullen Edward Cullen Bella Swan/Cullen Masterlist .

2. prompt list “requested by anon ” Another imagine blog, multi-fandom, which does imagines, one shots, preferences, manips, written prompts, headcanon prompts, fake social media (texts, tweets, instagrams), moodboards and aesthetics I write Teen Wolf imagines about both male AND female characters, so don't be shy! You can request on or off of anon, whatever makes you comfortable. The rumours said she was a mutant, being able to control minds and create life-like illusions.

This blog has no Infinity War spoilers! MASTERLIST RULES REQUESTS Headcannons:[OPEN] One-Shots:[OPEN] Preferences:[OPEN] Please request in the "Message Box" Filed under IMAGINE DRABBLE one shot preferences headcanon ship divergent downtown abbey game of thrones gossip girl greys anatomy harry potter indiana jones jurassic park jurassic world lord of the rings the hobbit marvel avengers x-men guardians of the galaxy narnia numb3rs percy jackson shadowhunters sherlock Star wars supergirl twilight the "Get away from me! Get away from me," he shouts, his shoulders spasm and his voice trembles. twilight preferences masterlist

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